How to Make a Career Change or Life Change in 2020 | Step 1: Review Your Year

How to Make a Career Change or Life Change in 2020 | Step 1: Review Your Year

If you’re looking to make a significant career change or life change this year, I recommend the first thing you do is to reflect on the year just gone.  It will help you gain clarity on your goals for the year ahead and put out a positive intention.
What were your highs and lows and what itch is still waiting to be scratched? Download the worksheet and ask yourself these 10 questions to help you figure it all out:

1. What have you achieved?

Think of all the the successes from both your personal and working life.  And don’t forget to include those achievements you might consider to be insignificant, as they all count and should all be celebrated however small we might think they are.

2. What would you do differently?

Were there some areas in your life which didn’t go quite as well as they could? Are there things you’d love to change next year? Be honest with yourself as self-awareness is an important catalyst for change.

3. What were your main learnings?

Out of every situation there is always something we can learn to build towards a more positive future.  It’s not the perceived ‘failure’ that matters, it’s how we look at it and handle it in a way which creates growth.

4. What were your favourite moments?

What events or successes (in or out of work) bring a smile to your face when you look back on them from this past year?  Think of those times which you treasure and would love to have more of in the new year ahead.

5. What are you most grateful for?

What people, things or happenings are you most grateful for?  Gratitude is a powerful force which puts us on a higher frequency to be able to attract more of what we want and less of what we don’t want. Challenge yourself to think of at least 10 things!

 6. What has been holding you back?

What beliefs, feelings or circumstances have held you back from achieving your greatest potential this past year? Did fear get in the way of you making a big change?  Did you lack the support you needed or maybe feel trapped by your circumstances?

7. How well have you taken care of yourself?

Have you given yourself the time and care you deserve to nourish your body, mind and soul? Or have you been putting everyone and everything else first? Is your work life balance in a good place?

8. How fulfilled have you felt?

Have you felt connected to your work and your life?  Have you leapt out of bed in the morning eager to start the day or has that Sunday night feeling been filling you with dread about the week ahead?

9. What inner urges have you have?

Have you had any strong gut feelings or instincts about doing something which you have either managed to act on or else neglected? Do you have an itch just waiting to be scratched or a special talent you’re still wanting to nurture?

10. How would you sum up your year?

If you had to succinctly describe your year in one sentence, “This was the year of…” what would it be?

So how was it for you? Has that generated any fresh insights or given you new determination for the year ahead? I’d love to hear what it’s brought up for you personally and what career changes or life changes you’re looking to make. Find out how to set your intention in Step 2 and start taking action in Step 3.

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