How To Make a Career Change or Life Change in 2020 | Step 2: Set Your Intention

How To Make a Career Change or Life Change in 2020 | Step 2: Set Your Intention

You’ve taken stock of everything that happened last year, so now it’s time to use that insight to help you set some positive intentions (or goals) for the year ahead. This simple goal setting worksheet will help you kick-start your new year and gain clarity around the changes you want to see (and help you restore some work life balance along the way).

If you fast forward to the end of the year, what would you love to say you’ve achieved?  When you reviewed your year in Step 1, what were the big things which you wished you’d done or really wanted to change? Is this the year to make that big career change or life change that you’ve been dreaming about? To help you set your intention for the new year, download the worksheet and follow these simple steps:

1. Take a moment 

Before you put pen to paper, take a moment to sit quietly, breathe, close your eyes and try to connect with what’s in your heart. Give your intentions a bit of space to be able to rise to the surface on their own. There is so much noise and frantic energy around Christmas and the New Year, so it’s good to take even just 10 minutes of quiet. This is important work and it deserves your focus.

2. Think of what you do want

It’s important to set an intention for the things you do want and not to get caught up in the things you don’t want. New Year’s Intentions should emphasise the positive whereas New Year’s Resolutions often emphasise the negative and can be more difficult to maintain. For instance, if you’re wanting to feel less stressed at work then set an intention for the feeling of calm.  If you’d love to stop worrying about money, then set an intention of abundance and for money to start flowing for you.

3. Get behind the feeling

A really powerful way to supercharge your intention is to feel the feeling of having achieved your goal before you’ve actually done it. Are you going to feel excited? Calm? Fulfilled? Motivated?  Each goal may bring you something different.  Getting behind the feeling will bring you more motivation which will help you stay on track in pursuing your goals.

4.  Write it down and make it visible

Now, make a note of your goals on your worksheet (which you can download below). This is a contract you are making with yourself and writing it down makes it more tangible and official. When you’ve finished, pin your worksheet on your noticeboard or on your wall in a place where you are likely to see it regularly so that it seeps into your subconscious and serves as a constant reminder.  And if you’re feeling creative, take it to the next level by turning it into a vision board.

In step 3, we will look at how you turn your goals into actions and manage some of the feelings of overwhelm which can creep in when we look at what we want to achieve.

If you’re keen to make this your best year yet and you’re serious about making a big life change or career change but need some extra motivation or accountability, I’m offering a Coaching Taster Session so you can dip your toe in the water and see how Coaching could work for you.
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