Growing me loving life 7 years and up

Teaching kids’ principles of life through fun activities, reading and pictures.

Let’s plant the seed of life skills when children are sponges ready to absorb the nutrients for a full and plentiful life.  – planting the seed for children gives them an advantage of growth and consciousness they can tap into anytime later on in life, gives them a willingness to grow themselves keep learning developing themselves for a life they want to live.

Who I am and what I can do self-awareness and self-acceptance.
Owning my feelings and behaviors self acceptance self-discipline
Choices decisions personal responsibility
Rules, authority, trust fear accountability, positive protections and security
Paradigm shift perspective and attitude the power to change your outlook service to others and self
Dreams goals balance of life persistence peace ambition
Gratitude and affirmations positivity and gratitude


Each course will be facilitated with a reading and description that we do together in a half hour one on one face to face call, the use of pictures diagrams and actions will help to keep the entrainment value going.

This will be followed up with an activity sent to you to print out for the child to do, you can email it back to me to have a look at.

The nest face to face will go over the activity cementing the principle though understanding and discussion.

Imagine your life –  Zoom meeting

Module 1 – You can rule your world

Who you are and what you can do -Self awareness and self acceptance

Imagine your life –  Zoom meeting – small groups of similar age kids/teens. From age 7 up R100 for half hour sessions

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