Conscious living facilitation is to bridge the gap between where you currently are to where you would like to be. Life is a Magnificent journey and without the tools to navigate our way through it, we can find it quite tough and at times simply unbearable. weather you are 7 or 77 we can grow ourselves and love living life.

Conscious living facilitator will helps you identify your goals, where you are struggling, and develop an actionable plan to achieve them.

Below is a list of material available to guide our work for the most effective outcome.

•  Willingness, Honesty, humility
•  Hope
•  Faith/spirituality/ service
•  Courage
•  Integrity
•  Perseverance
•  Love

* Self-awareness and self-acceptance
* Perspective and attitude
* Positivity and gratitude
* Self-discipline
* Personal responsibility
* Persistence, peace and ambition
* Accountability, positive protections and security

Adult sessions consist of one on one time, preferably 2 x ½ session a week – followed with practical support material. Discussions and notes are given on individual life principles, the core of the life shift in relation to what situation you want growth in.

Techniques and support-tools are suggested and integrated to help with difficult transitioning times.