The awakening

The teen struggle is real, painful and raw  

Whilst in the cocoon of being a teen, the world is dark, uncertain and scary – The light is starting to shine through in streaks but its to unclear to see what it all means

What a teen thinks was real is no longer real. The teen is coming out of childhood and seeing the reality of life its hard and raw and very uncertain. How do they deal with the new life how do they behave, think and how do they get through it?

Self-awareness and self-acceptance.
Self acceptance self-discipline
Personal responsibility
Accountability, positive protections and security
Perspective and attitude – the power to change your outlook
Persistence peace ambition
Positivity and gratitude

Teen sessions are in the form a one on one’s followed with practical tools to do what needs to be done Eg – time management sheets, reminders etc

Discussions and notes are given on individual life principles, the core of the life shift.

Techniques given to help with the intense negative feeling around this uncertain time. Tools to cope.

Imagine your life –  Zoom meeting

Module 1 – You can rule your world

Who you are and what you can do -Self awareness and self acceptance

Imagine your life –  Zoom meeting – small groups of similar age teens.

From age 12 up R100 for half hour sessions

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